Price: $34.49

This special Blue-Ribbon Stash Single Serve Tea Bags Sampler Gift Box is perfect choice for tea lovers! Indulge your family, your loved ones and yourself with this 120 count tea combination package. It comes with:
5 – Super Irish Breakfast
5 – Premium Green Decaf
5 – Earl Grey Decaf
5 – Wild Raspberry Hibiscus
5 – Mango Passion Fruit
5 – Double Spice Chai Black Tea
5 – Double Bergamot Earl Grey Black Tea
5 – Chamomile
5 – Peppermint
5- Ginger Orange
5 – Jasmine Blossom
5 – Peach Black Tea
5- Lemon Ginger
5 – Acai Berry
5 – Fusion Green and White
5 – English Breakfast
5 – Sunny Orange Ginger
5- Moroccan Mint Green
5 – Chocolate Hazelnut Decaf
5 – Orange Spice Black
5 – Earl Grey
5 – Pomegranate Raspberry Green
5 – Spice Dragon Red Chai
5 – Vanilla Chai
1 – Licorice Spice
1 – Chai Green
1 – English Breakfast Decaf
1 – Salted Caramel Herbal & Black
1 – Meyer Lemon
1 – Breakfast in ParisPERFECT COMBINATION FOR TEA LOVERS: Our Stash Tea Bags Sampler Assortment Variety Pack contains 120 pack, 28 different flavors.
WIDE RANGE OF POPULAR OPTIONS: Double Bergamot,Ginger Orange,Chamomile,Peppermint,Jasmine Blossom,Licorice Spice,Orange Spice,Earl Grey English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast,Salted Caramel Mate,Moroccan Mint Green,Decaf Choc Hazelnut,Meyer Lemon,Wild Raspberry Hibiscus,Lemon Ginger,Green Chai,Peach,Mango Passion Fruit,Decaf Green,Fusion Green & White,Decaf Chai Vanilla,Decaf Early Grey,Decaf English Breakfast,Decaf Chai Red Spice,Acai Berry Green,Pomegranate Raspberry,Breakfast in Paris
GREAT FOR ANY OCCASION AND PURPOSE: Perfect GIFT as a care package for college students, schools kids, coworkers, military personal, your family, friends and yourself.
CAREFULLY AND BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED: All single serve tea bags are handpicked and comes in a fancy wooden box. Suitable for any purpose or any occasion.
MAKE IT A GIFT: Comes in a decorative, reusable wooden gift box. Indulge your family, your loved ones and yourself with this Stash Tea Bags Sampler gift box.Great Gift for Every time